Walking across the pavement with the wind whipping  my hair around my face And the contours of the clouds above wrapping the day in peace But my dreams are elsewhere and my head is in a book not noticing My mind is wandering and busy ever producing Thoughts of Goring, Hitler, Dodd, Chamberlain, and the … Continue reading

Trying to concentrate here…

My world is about to become a little bigger, digitally that is. In nine days (give or take a couple of hours) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out and I am going to get it at midnight. I also got the day off work so I could play it all day long, and I … Continue reading

A Childhood Incident: From Then and Now

           From My Perspective Then             I just want to read my book and that is all I want to do. Not to be bothered by unnecessary things but to just sit and read. The carpet feels nice on my legs and the book is funny, … Continue reading

Connections and Race

I have been reading a book I got from the library called Yellow by Don Lee. It is a book about Asian Americans and their struggle in America to figure out who they are and to just live life. I find this book utterly fascinating and enjoyable but that is not what I am here to … Continue reading

Struggling Writer Angst

Last night was the first day of my new class, Novel Writing. I enjoyed it and everything but I haven’t been able to move in to actually writing  because I do not think I could write anything worth reading. Every single time I go to write I reread it and think that it is the … Continue reading