The soul trance music comes from the speakers slowly like fog rolling into a New England village and so begins The Roots new album Undun. A beautiful album that seeks to tell the story of a drug dealer and the death he experiences every day. Life is a constant struggle for this man. He is … Continue reading


I just bought the new Matisyahu album, titled Light, and I have to say it is awesome. The Hasidic Jewish Reggae Hip Hop artist that is Matisyahu has gone to new artistic places and gone away from reggae some but I think this is his best album yet. His last album, Youth, was a good … Continue reading

Music Addiction

I have a music addiction. This is a common occurance amongst people as music tends to speak and show us what is good, bad, indifferent, simple, complex, etc. about life. So basically here is what I am listening to right now (in order of favorite (right now)and so on) 1. Calibretto 13- acoustic punk band/awesome … Continue reading