The Facade of a Poem

As I sit down and breathe I bring myself up to the rivers edge and look over into the swirling of dirt caused by a fish kicking up from the muck. To bring myself away from the pull of gravity I come here and sit without moving for hours on end. The ending of myself … Continue reading

That Constant Struggle

There is struggle in the waiting, in the watching, In the wondering of when You will come Hurtling over the horizon to meet me. In the air there is a feeling Of noticed anticipation; Or, perhaps, that is just the air in my lungs, Coming out in worried gasps, Revealing my tainted perception. But whatever … Continue reading

Journal Entry

New entries written down in old journals Just to prove that my life is real And not just made up of disconnected moments. That jumbled feeling you get when you helplessly Lift your arms to the sky and will yourself To be lifted up above yourself, to be made new. That is what I want. … Continue reading


Don’t be me, I can’t do anything right. Don’t be me, I can’t win the fight. I go up on stages to make my name And come down realizing I can’t win the game No matter how hard I try, and I’ve tried my best But I just can’t seem to pass this test Of … Continue reading

Poetic Fever Dreams

Brine packed book covers Sitting open on the coffee table Resolute in their stance Men offer defense While women wisely sit silent Their corpulence overgirds And the table gives way Unable to hold up vast swaths Of philosophical pandering Or existential angst Or whatever the crap it is The landscape is pressed upon By the … Continue reading