God’s Gifts

We live in a broken world where the innocent are bashed upon the rocks and the church just sits there and watches it. Children starving but we are the spoiled brats who throw a fit if we don’t have air conditioning. We take most everything for granted, even our innocence. With innocence it seems that … Continue reading

The Man Without Fear

I love comic books. They are very enjoyable and one day I hope to write some for Marvel or DC. That’ s really a backseat dream though. One of my favorite comic book characters is Daredevil. The second blind Daredevil who was created by Stan Lee and made famous mostly by Frank Miller, who wrote … Continue reading

As worries wash over me…

I had a fleeting moment of intense worry about ten minutes ago. For a second or two my worries  washed over me and everything seemed hopeless. Mostly about my family and what could happen. Could. I went into the bathroom and put my face stuff on and then it hit me to pray to my … Continue reading

Rest in Jesus: Why we are so often Wrong

I rest in the Lord my God. I love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and mind. The only true rest comes from God. Until we meet with God we cannot know rest or peace. The sad thing is that for Christians sometimes knowing God is not good enough. We cannot find … Continue reading