Struggling Writer Angst

Last night was the first day of my new class, Novel Writing. I enjoyed it and everything but I haven’t been able to move in to actually writing ┬ábecause I do not think I could write anything worth reading. Every single time I go to write I reread it and think that it is the … Continue reading

Poetic Fever Dreams

Brine packed book covers Sitting open on the coffee table Resolute in their stance Men offer defense While women wisely sit silent Their corpulence overgirds And the table gives way Unable to hold up vast swaths Of philosophical pandering Or existential angst Or whatever the crap it is The landscape is pressed upon By the … Continue reading

Dreamscape…Dream Escape…Imagination

Funny words. All words are funny when you’re tired. Sleep pressing in on your eyes. Blackness in the corner threatening to break in and send you reeling into dream world. Dream world is wonderfull, horrible, and tricky. It is fun when you are having good dreams with roller coasters or dance sequences. Scary when you … Continue reading