That Constant Struggle

There is struggle in the waiting, in the watching, In the wondering of when You will come Hurtling over the horizon to meet me. In the air there is a feeling Of noticed anticipation; Or, perhaps, that is just the air in my lungs, Coming out in worried gasps, Revealing my tainted perception. But whatever … Continue reading


The soul trance music comes from the speakers slowly like fog rolling into a New England village and so begins The Roots new album Undun. A beautiful album that seeks to tell the story of a drug dealer and the death he experiences every day. Life is a constant struggle for this man. He is … Continue reading

To Grandad, A Thanksgiving Prayer

It is Thanksgiving Day and someone is calling me by your name. It is your mother and she can’t help it. I remind her of you; actually, I remind everybody of you and I cherish that fact. At the same time though, it hurts. I miss you, lets get that out of the way at … Continue reading

The Cross and Car Crashes

I gaze up and my gaze goes to a cross. I look around at everybody in the auditorium with me. Do they realize the cost of the cross. Do they realize what Jesus did? Do I realize what Jesus did? I’ve been thinking about death. My friend died in a car crash over the summer … Continue reading

Bob Finds Happiness (and their is a twist at the end of this one)

Everyone Bob rooted for always lost. He rooted for Oklahoma to win a bowl game, Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl, and the Pittsburgh Pirates to make it too the playoffs. None of this ever happened though, so Bob felt sad. Bob decided to go to the ice cream parlor. While in line to … Continue reading