To Grandad, A Thanksgiving Prayer

It is Thanksgiving Day and someone is calling me by your name. It is your mother and she can’t help it. I remind her of you; actually, I remind everybody of you and I cherish that fact. At the same time though, it hurts. I miss you, lets get that out of the way at … Continue reading

Lately, in my faith journey, I have found myself thinking about satisfaction. All kinds of satisfaction: physical, mental, sexual, emotional, I-Can’t-Get-No, etc. Reading through Hebrews can do that to a person. I look at the things I say,do, and think about revealing where I find my satisfaction and how I show that to the world. … Continue reading

God’s Gifts

We live in a broken world where the innocent are bashed upon the rocks and the church just sits there and watches it. Children starving but we are the spoiled brats who throw a fit if we don’t have air conditioning. We take most everything for granted, even our innocence. With innocence it seems that … Continue reading

The Loving Church (What the American church by and large is not)

We need to be a loving church. Jesus called us to love God and love people but we in the church can’t do that for some reason. Take homosexuality as one example. We have condemned and judged those who are homosexuals when Jesus called us to love, care for, and respect them. I myself believe … Continue reading

Freedom Train

Working for Wal-Mart can be very boring and repetitive job. I work in the electronics section but one time they made me go over and work the Fitting Room, which is one of the most horribly boring jobs ever. Nobody even wanted to buy clothes that night. Absolutely nothing to do in a job with … Continue reading