Journal Entry

New entries written down in old journals Just to prove that my life is real And not just made up of disconnected moments. That jumbled feeling you get when you helplessly Lift your arms to the sky and will yourself To be lifted up above yourself, to be made new. That is what I want. … Continue reading

David Crowder Band New Album Church Music Out Today!!!

Church Music came out today and it is one of the best things that has graced my ears…ever. I can’t describe how good this album is…just go listen to it and bask in the goodness of this musical endeavor by the great David Crowder Band. Love God Love People

Webcomics Wednesday: Copper

So begins Webcomics Wednesday. This is a part of my blog where I hope to get the word out on my favorite webcomics and to discuss them. So here we go. The first webcomic we will be discussing is Copper, here is the website Copper, which is written and drawn by Kazu Kibuishi who has … Continue reading