Journal Entry

New entries written down in old journals Just to prove that my life is real And not just made up of disconnected moments. That jumbled feeling you get when you helplessly Lift your arms to the sky and will yourself To be lifted up above yourself, to be made new. That is what I want. … Continue reading


The soul trance music comes from the speakers slowly like fog rolling into a New England village and so begins The Roots new album Undun. A beautiful album that seeks to tell the story of a drug dealer and the death he experiences every day. Life is a constant struggle for this man. He is … Continue reading

Connections and Race

I have been reading a book I got from the library called Yellow by Don Lee. It is a book about Asian Americans and their struggle in America to figure out who they are and to just live life. I find this book utterly fascinating and enjoyable but that is not what I am here to … Continue reading

Struggling Writer Angst

Last night was the first day of my new class, Novel Writing. I enjoyed it and everything but I haven’t been able to move in to actually writing  because I do not think I could write anything worth reading. Every single time I go to write I reread it and think that it is the … Continue reading

Blue Period, The Hollow Men, and Andrew Bird

Sometimes when I look at a painting, hear a song, or read a poem it grabs a hold of me and doesn’t let go. It’s like I’ve hit an emotional, sensory, and spiritual focal point. I don’t want to go anywhere else and I never want that moment to end.  Things seem to come into … Continue reading