Passion is defined as “any powerful compelling or emotional feeling, such as love or hate.” What are some things that people have passion for? Sports, politics, money, music, a significant other. One of the things that seems to be lacking from Christians these days is passion for the Word of God and for the Grace … Continue reading

That Beautiful Flower

I just hear stupid songs about stupid boy and girl And I turn the station on the radio because I can’t take any more of it. I turn and look out the window and see a flower start to unfurl So I get out of my car to look at it, in a curious fit. … Continue reading

But Alas!

When upon the earthly applause I gather strength where I gather cause And move to encourage my mind With moving past the daily grind And into some higher dimension of thought Whereupon many ideas are caught But none can be prevailed¬† Because ideas cannot be assailed Because, nowadays, people are easier targets And higher points … Continue reading

An Honest Prayer During the Night

God why do you leave me with things I cannot fix? Why do I stand here alone? Why are my nights filled with doubt and my days filled with struggle? God why am I stuck in a job I do not enjoy? God why can’t I do all the things I say? Why did you … Continue reading

The Buffoon Philosophy

Buffoonery and Philosophy is a strange name for a blog, I know, but I will try to explain why I changed the name and what it means to me. The first word, buffoonery, has roots in Latin, French, and Italian. It is a word that is used for odd jokes, tricks, gestures, and (my favorite) … Continue reading