Trying to concentrate here…

My world is about to become a little bigger, digitally that is. In nine days (give or take a couple of hours) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out and I am going to get it at midnight. I also got the day off work so I could play it all day long, and I … Continue reading

A Childhood Incident: From Then and Now

           From My Perspective Then             I just want to read my book and that is all I want to do. Not to be bothered by unnecessary things but to just sit and read. The carpet feels nice on my legs and the book is funny, … Continue reading

The Sports and I

College football season us upon us! The lights, crowds, and high intensity action are here to stay! I like football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, golf, and to a lesser extent basketball. It is safe to say that I enjoy watching and playing sports but the beginning of college football season has me worried. One reason for … Continue reading

Connections and Race

I have been reading a book I got from the library called Yellow by Don Lee. It is a book about Asian Americans and their struggle in America to figure out who they are and to just live life. I find this book utterly fascinating and enjoyable but that is not what I am here to … Continue reading

Struggling Writer Angst

Last night was the first day of my new class, Novel Writing. I enjoyed it and everything but I haven’t been able to move in to actually writing  because I do not think I could write anything worth reading. Every single time I go to write I reread it and think that it is the … Continue reading