A Childhood Incident: From Then and Now

           From My Perspective Then             I just want to read my book and that is all I want to do. Not to be bothered by unnecessary things but to just sit and read. The carpet feels nice on my legs and the book is funny, … Continue reading

Music Addiction

I have a music addiction. This is a common occurance amongst people as music tends to speak and show us what is good, bad, indifferent, simple, complex, etc. about life. So basically here is what I am listening to right now (in order of favorite (right now)and so on) 1. Calibretto 13- acoustic punk band/awesome … Continue reading

Dreamscape…Dream Escape…Imagination

Funny words. All words are funny when you’re tired. Sleep pressing in on your eyes. Blackness in the corner threatening to break in and send you reeling into dream world. Dream world is wonderfull, horrible, and tricky. It is fun when you are having good dreams with roller coasters or dance sequences. Scary when you … Continue reading

Ghosting: New Extreme Sport

I follow in right behind the person. My pulse is slammin into my ears like a tidal wave against the beach. I just need to stay behind them long enough to get the record. At ten seconds my palms start to sweat. I can’t take it any more, at any moment she could look back … Continue reading