Dalek: The Best Offense is a Strong Defense

I am currently rewatching my way through Doctor Who and I have noticed one thing in particular, but first I must explain a little about the Dalek. The Dalek are a mutant race that are super ugly and have been bred and made by the evil Davros to have no emotions except for hate for everything that is not Dalek kind. They seek to destroy all that stands in their way and to make a perfect universe where only their kind live and thrive. They are the ultimate fascist dream of the master race (not unlike the Borg in Star Trek though the Borg are all for assimilation instead of extermination). The Dalek’s catchphrase is even “Exterminate!” 

The reason I am talking about the Daleks is because they are an interesting thing in science fiction because they are terror inducing destruction machines that kill everything that stands in their way but they are slow, only have one laser, and shoot relatively slow. The reason I find them interesting is because they are focused on defense. Daleks are unstoppable killing machines because of their defensive prowess. Their shields are almost invincible to pretty much every weapon in the known universe. The Sontarans, Klingons, Storm Troopers, Cyber Men, Frieza, Battle Droids, etc. are all the same is that they defeat humanity (or whomever) by superior firepower, speed, and strength. The Daleks are different because they win by using defensive power, tactics, and group work. They focus on focusing orders and staying together like a Greek phalanx which focused their defense to be invincible and their fighting tactics to allow the tide of enemies to break against their ranks. 

The Dalek are probably not the only mainly defensive science fiction race as some person would probably point out to me if they ever read this blog but in my experience with mainstream science fiction is that the Dalek are the main defensive fighting force. They interest me in that way because they are so cautious and yet so destructive. It seems that just because one is defensive does not mean that one is wrong or not hurting someone or something. The Dalek are aggressive through defense and that is what makes them interesting. Also they yell “Exterminate!” 


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