Humbleness: The Christmas Story

I cannot help but love the Christmas season. There are so many reasons that I should not like the Christmas season: rampant consumerism, the “war” on Christmas, and the selfishness of it. However, it is the story of the birth of Christ that always brings me back to the reality of God’s nature.

The story of Jesus birth, everyone’s heard it, is of two people named Mary and Joseph who have to go back to Bethlehem to be counted in a census for the Roman government. That journey to Bethlehem must have been a doozy with a very pregnant Mary being transported on a donkey, you have to give respect to poor Joseph, and the expectation of the birth of the Savior. When they get to the town there are no rooms left open in any of the inns so Mary and Joseph have to stay in a stable surrounded by animals. Mary, after having a long journey to stay in a stable, starts to have the baby, once again you have to give props to Joseph, and the Savior of the world comes into being surrounded by animals. The first people to visit Jesus are some shepherds that were told to come there by angels in the sky. That is the story of Jesus birth, the Christmas story, and the reason I love the Christmas season.

Now you could say that the story is not that big a deal, I mean babies have been born in worse situations, but it humbles me so much! Jesus, the Son of God, humbled himself and came into the world not as a conqueror, a son of a king, or a rich and powerful merchant but as the son of a carpenter; a baby born in a stable. The first people to visit Jesus were shepherds! People nowadays we do not count as important folks and back then it was no different. I have so much hope that God came into the world in such a humble way!

The story of Christmas is about being humbled before a God who humbly came to Earth. The story is not about buying things, eating things, or even being happy. The “war” on Christmas does not matter; call it happy holidays if that makes you happy! Jesus gave up so much for us and we argue about semantics and presents and forget the humbleness that comes with the beginning of our salvation. A babe cried in the night and the history of the world was changed forever. A child smiled at the face of his mother and father and our salvation was brought forth. Remember during this season the humble coming of our savior and let it change your heart! God desired the whole world to be saved and sent a baby into a stable to do it…don’t ever forget where our Hope comes from. When our pride swells, when the stress levels start to rise, when we want to buy one more present that does not matter, when we are reminded of the ones we have lost, when we want to give in to depression; remember the Savior came into the world and was visited for the first time by animals and the least of people. God has shown us an amazing example of humbleness so lets go out during this season and show the humbleness of the birth of Christ.

One Response to “Humbleness: The Christmas Story”
  1. Ruth M. Dowd says:

    Wonderful, Caleb. Best essay yet! Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for putting it so simply

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