The Church Today

I have been reading The Well and The Shallows by G.K. Chesterton, which is a book of essays written by him and was published right before he died, and in many of these essays he writes about many of the controversies that faced the Church at the time. Many of the controversies he wrote about are the same that we face nowadays: marriage, abortion, birth control, spending, etc. G.K. wrote strongly for the sanctity of marriage and the wrongness of abortion but one thing that caught my eye was that G.K. did not say that  these things could be stopped or changed through the government. In fact he said that the Church had made an exception with many of these things and the world had taken that exception and ran with it. I think that is the case with the Church nowadays. (When I talk about the Church I am talking about the American Church as a whole.)

The Church wants to stand for the sanctity of marriage, as it should, but it has made exceptions in its beliefs evidenced by a divorce rate that is the same as those that are outside the Church. We, the Church, have not taken God’s commands seriously and we ourselves have eroded the foundation that the Church historically has raised for the sanctity of marriage and we wonder why the world wants to erode those values further. We have given the exception and they have run with it.

So should we not stand for the sanctity of marriage? Of course we should! However, as Chesterton suggests, I believe that the sanctity of marriage and the end of abortion cannot come through government or through making of laws. The Church needs to stand for the sanctity of marriage and the wrongness of abortion by going to the people and showing them the love of Christ! We need to have a loving hand in the gay community around the United States. We need to go to the poor and single mothers, the vast majority of abortions are performed for this group, and show that we love them and their unborn children. We should not expect the government to do our job for us! If we just stand there and scream that something should be illegal and never go and love and bring God’s grace to those people then what should we expect? It looks like hate if we go about things that way.

The fact that we are relying on a secular institution, the government, should make us wary as a Church. The only thing that can stop abortion and can save the sanctity of marriage is Christ Jesus changing people’s lives and minds. We have to be the Church and bring the Gospel to the least of these. Who among us faces more persecution today in the United States: A christian or a homosexual? I would say it is the latter and most of the persecution is from the former! This should not be the case! Should we stand by and support their lifestyle? No! But we should acknowledge that no sin is greater than another and we should love those people for who God made them and let the Holy Spirit change them by the grace of God.

This is just my opinion on the subject and if you think otherwise tell me!

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