Passion is defined as “any powerful compelling or emotional feeling, such as love or hate.” What are some things that people have passion for? Sports, politics, money, music, a significant other.

One of the things that seems to be lacking from Christians these days is passion for the Word of God and for the Grace of Christ. In “Lucky Ones” by the rap artist Lecrae he says,”…And everyday we taste of a grace that we’re unconcerned with”.  We are unconcerned for the Grace of Christ! The very thing that we should be about is that grace that Christ has given us but everyday we taste it and most days we do not give a crap about it! We just go about or little lives thinking we are hotshots and bigwigs and not realizing that people are dying and going to hell all around us. We are not realizing that our lack of passion for the Bible and the Grace of Christ is leading us away from God’s glorious plans for our lives. There are some key things that I think that the Church as a whole needs to do to get back this passion that we once had for the Gospel message, for our sake and for the sake of the lost people around us.

1.We need to know the Word of God. Simply put we need to study, learn, and know with our hearts and minds the Bible. We need to fall in love with the love letter of God and get to know our faith and what it means to say we believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It seems like so few Christians know the Bible and we base our faith on it! Striving to know the Bible will lead us to God and to a deeper appreciation for the Grace of Christ. In fact, studying the Bible, along with prayer, is the ultimate tool to a greater understanding of God.

2. We need to humble ourselves. We need to know the Bible and we need to be humble enough to acknowledge that without the Holy Spirit then we cannot come to a real understanding of the Bible. We need to humble ourselves and pray for understanding of the Bible. Reading the Bible and getting to know Jesus should be a humbling journey. 

3. We need to passionately spread the Word of God to those around us. We cannot just sit around with all of that knowledge in our heads and hearts and not have a yearning for other people to know about Jesus. A true understanding of the Gospel and of the Grace of Jesus will lead us to bring others into said grace. We need to passionately and kindly reach out to others with the Word of God. We need to pray for those who persecute us and pray that God would use us to effect other people’s lives. With us reaching out and spreading the Word we cannot just do that with our mouths but also with our hands, feet, and time. One of the greatest ways to show the Love of Christ is to show it with the giving of our time, with the giving of our sweat, with the giving of our strength. We need to reach out and be willing to get dirty! We need to reach out in relationship and be willing to get hurt! 

Passion for Christ can be renewed and these are but three of the ways that can happen. Prayer and giving and so many other  things can lead us into a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ and a passionate understanding of His Grace. The three things are but just starting points for a passionate lifestyle given to the Gospel. Seek out ways to rekindle that passion for Christ!


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