An Honest Prayer During the Night

God why do you leave me with things I cannot fix?

Why do I stand here alone?

Why are my nights filled with doubt and my days filled with struggle?

God why am I stuck in a job I do not enjoy?

God why can’t I do all the things I say?

Why did you become death for me?

Why did you die for this hypocrite?

Your Word is sharper than a double edged sword and it is piercing my soul!

God why do I sometimes feel so alone?

Why do I struggle? Why do I ache? Why do You allow me to question You?

I don’t deserve Your love, can’t you see that?

But I need you God. I can’t live without you and God you know I have tried.

God Your love is bigger than the universe and Your hands hold me.

Nothing can take me out of them!

God I hold on to Your promises through the dark nights!

I bask in your blessings during the time of doubt!

The testing comes and I stand my ground!

I sin and come back to You to repent and learn!

God Your murdered Son picks my head up

And I don’t deserve it, none of us do

But You lifted us up anyway!

You saved me from my sin, while I was still your enemy!

I hated You and You could not help but love me!

God take me and mold me.

Glory to God! The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost!

Glory to a Triune God, the most glorious!

To God be the glory for saving this wretched sinner!

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