That Constant Struggle

There is struggle in the waiting, in the watching,

In the wondering of when You will come

Hurtling over the horizon to meet me.

In the air there is a feeling

Of noticed anticipation;

Or, perhaps, that is just the air in my lungs,

Coming out in worried gasps,

Revealing my tainted perception.

But whatever the situation

I know that my deliverance will come

And I will be lifted up

Above all the harms of earthly confrontation.


Realization comes to grasp me; however,

And I have a chance thought that maybe

I will not make it out of this one alive.

That maybe I am destined; moreover,

I am preordained to fall at this very spot,

At this very moment, in history

For a purpose I cannot see or understand;

But that defines me none the less, as it ought.


For to see is easy and to understand is light

But real living comes in leaps and grasps

Of faith that will live on

Long after I have lost the fight;

Because we are all destined to lose

Eventually. That does not mean that our Maker

Has given up his purpose, but that our role has changed.

From fighter to cheerer; a vast community of saints.


That is my constant struggle, that I seek to understand

That which I cannot even hope to glimpse

Until I am dead and gone.

Some may call me foolish for following such a command

And maybe I am, but being foolish is better than being wrong.


One Response to “That Constant Struggle”
  1. Craig says:

    This is really good Caleb.

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