The soul trance music comes from the speakers slowly like fog rolling into a New England village and so begins The Roots new album Undun. A beautiful album that seeks to tell the story of a drug dealer and the death he experiences every day.

Life is a constant struggle for this man. He is surrounded on all sides by death, drugs, and suffering. Being part of it is just the nature of the game…what other choice does he have then to live or die trying to live? Everybody has a choice and that is what makes this album so amazing, it does not make concessions for his choices but just seeks to show them in all of their inglorious nature. We are not moralized at but are just shown the struggles of a life hard lived. We know the end of the story but that does not mean that we wish it could not be different. All of our stories end the same, though.

The music in the album is The Roots at their best. Solid soul music with beautiful and nimbly rapped voices intoning the tales of our drug dealing brother. The rapping of Black Thought has never been better or more bleak. We are shown the story not just told the story. By the end I could draw out all the sad details in my mind and they stayed their long after the album was over…I hope I never forget them and their sad truth. Beautifully sad truth…the irony of the album that it could make something so ugly so beautiful.

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