Trying to concentrate here…

My world is about to become a little bigger, digitally that is. In nine days (give or take a couple of hours) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out and I am going to get it at midnight. I also got the day off work so I could play it all day long, and I assure you that is just what I’ll be doing. Only bathroom breaks will be able to stop me…maybe.

With the countdown to this game so close to being over my obsession has reached a feverish pitch: of looking up all the news, perusing all the interviews even though I have read them countless times, and even looking at leaked photos of the manual. The amazing access to information that is allowed through the internet has enabled me to find out more and more about Skyrim, just wetting my thirst.

The only problem with all this is that I have neglected my novel that I have been writing. I have known what I want to write for ages but have not had the energy to write anything. It is a different kind of writers block which is caused by the easy click of the mouse on Google Chrome and typing in “youtube videos of skyrim” into the search bar.

So one thing I have taken to doing is that when I mean to sit down and really write then I turn off my internet connection. I just shut it off and make it so that it is a bigger hassle to turn it all on when I could be writing. This simple action has freed my creative juices and allowed them to flow freely again.

The internet, and video games, is something I enjoy a great deal, but their must be limits that I must impose on myself to allow my enjoyment of such things not to overwhelm me. Except for on the eleventh. I will be overwhelmed by Skyrim and no writing will get done.

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