The soul trance music comes from the speakers slowly like fog rolling into a New England village and so begins The Roots new album Undun. A beautiful album that seeks to tell the story of a drug dealer and the death he experiences every day. Life is a constant struggle for this man. He is … Continue reading

To Grandad, A Thanksgiving Prayer

It is Thanksgiving Day and someone is calling me by your name. It is your mother and she can’t help it. I remind her of you; actually, I remind everybody of you and I cherish that fact. At the same time though, it hurts. I miss you, lets get that out of the way at … Continue reading

Trying to concentrate here…

My world is about to become a little bigger, digitally that is. In nine days (give or take a couple of hours) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out and I am going to get it at midnight. I also got the day off work so I could play it all day long, and I … Continue reading