Endings and Beginnings

On Sunday night I said farewell to my favorite band of all time, David Crowder*Band. I’ve had a tough time reckoning out the end of their career since they announced that they were going their separate ways a few months back. This band has been there for me during times of spiritual searching and their music has allowed me to grow closer to Christ and I cannot think them enough for that. But, it is time to say goodbye and Sunday’s show helped me with that.

As soon as I got into the Cain’s Ballroom I felt nervous. I felt absolutely uneasy. It was surreal. I was there to see my favorite band for the last time and that’s all I could think about. John Mark McMillan, Chris August, and Gungor where all great and their music was just incredible but nothing could take away the feeling that was in me; the steady unease. Then David Crowder came on and began to sing Give Us Rest (I’m guessing a song from their new album due out January 10th) and I felt all the unease lift off my shoulders and it only got better through out the concert for two reasons.

The first reason was because I could sense some of David Crowder and the bands weariness. From the lyrics to Give Us Rest and the other new song they played to the more loose feel of the concert I got the feeling of weariness (maybe I’m way off base). I do not say these things to deride the band but I say them because I understood finally a little bit more about my favorite band. Everybody expects so much out of David Crowder and the band: a revolutionary new album, an amazing concert, and an upbeat funny attitude. And the crazy thing is that they deliver! But I finally saw them as more than brilliant artists and musicians; I saw them as human, like me.

The second reason was because I felt the bigness of God that night and felt His overwhelming presence. I saw David Crowder and his band as they are: people in a long line of faithful followers of Christ. It gave me such hope! To be in the presence of such brilliant musicians and people and to realize that we were nothing compared to Christ and His Glory, nothing compared to the history of Christians gone before, and yet everything in the eyes of our God who loves us.

So end in peace David Crowder*Band and know you touched my life. Know that you have allowed yourselves to be used by Christ to touch lives. I thank God that He is so much bigger than our endings!

One Response to “Endings and Beginnings”
  1. Michelle says:

    I am so glad it worked out for you to go see them one more time. What a blessing!

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