Connections and Race

I have been reading a book I got from the library called Yellow by Don Lee. It is a book about Asian Americans and their struggle in America to figure out who they are and to just live life. I find this book utterly fascinating and enjoyable but that is not what I am here to write about. I think my favorite types of books are about Asian Americans and theirs struggles.

I am not Asian American, nor am I Asian born. I am half Native American but I look completely white (my brother and sister got the nice brown skin…lucky them, for I am the same shade of not light but not dark all year long). The interest I have in these books, I cannot explain.

Any time I pick up a book of this topic I end up absorbed into the world as soon as I read the first sentence. I find myself sharing their struggles to figure out family, life, and tradition juxtaposed with new values. I can connect with these issues even though I am not from the same tradition or background.

This says something interesting to me though. I think their is a connection which goes farther than race, skin color, background, and even family history to the basic humanness of each individual. I can connect with these people because humans are always facing the same old struggle to figure out who we are and what we are about. Also, I know what it is like to have traditions or family history that is not the same as “mainstream” America (though one could argue that all of the traditions and such are mainstream but that is for another time). I can identify with people thinking my family is weird or that I have to bridge a gap between my families traditions and the beliefs of the culture around me.

So, basically, it just is interesting to me that I connect so much with Asian American literature.

One Response to “Connections and Race”
  1. If you rebel against the culture of either the mainstream, or your particular group, you are still dominated by it. The simple trick (not easy, but simple) is to be yourself, not following or rebelling. People do manage this.

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