Freedom Celebration

I have been thinking alot about this event that my church hosts called the Freedom Celebration…and I will start off by saying that I am not saying it is a bad thing.

When it came to the Freedom Celebration I felt uncomfortable about some aspects of it. God has been changing my thinking and humbling me into His ways and I am slowly learning to listen to Him, who is wise beyond measure.

One of the things that I feel uncomfortable about is how this is sort of viewed as a chance to finally show someone we know the Gospel. This disturbs me because they should already be seeing the Gospel from those who believe! It is the job of the pastors and teachers to equip believers to go share the Gospel and the job of the whole church to make disciples. The Great Comission is not just for a select few but for the whole church! The greatest two commandments are to love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love others as we love ourselves. What greater way is there to show love for God and people than to tell people about Christ?!? We cannot leave an event to do this, or one pastor, or a hundred pastors…the whole church has to rise up and go forth.

The second thing that disturbs me is that this seems like we are just doing it because it is a good thing…but is it’s God’s best. Are we so busy doing churchy stuff and following our plans that we don’t even look at God’s? A question worth asking I think. I just look at all the water we need, how many different events we will have, and the fireworks and think about the 26,000 children who died from starvation and other preventable causes today. Or the billion people in the world who have not even heard the name of Christ…it’s hard to reconcile the two images.

I’m not saying that God can’t use this event but at the same time it is just an event. Living out our faith in front of non-believers daily, following Christ daily, and getting our hands dirty for others is how we show others God’s glory.

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