Poetic Fever Dreams

Brine packed book covers Sitting open on the coffee table Resolute in their stance Men offer defense While women wisely sit silent Their corpulence overgirds And the table gives way Unable to hold up vast swaths Of philosophical pandering Or existential angst Or whatever the crap it is The landscape is pressed upon By the … Continue reading

Freedom Celebration

I have been thinking alot about this event that my church hosts called the Freedom Celebration…and I will start off by saying that I am not saying it is a bad thing. When it came to the Freedom Celebration I felt uncomfortable about some aspects of it. God has been changing my thinking and humbling … Continue reading

I’m back

Well WordPress wouldn’t let me stary a new blog with the same email so I’m back to using this blog…which I am actually quite thankful for. I go back and read some of the posts and think of how silly I was or how I wish I had said some things differently. I also see … Continue reading