I just bought the new Matisyahu album, titled Light, and I have to say it is awesome. The Hasidic Jewish Reggae Hip Hop artist that is Matisyahu has gone to new artistic places and gone away from reggae some but I think this is his best album yet. His last album, Youth, was a good album but felt uneven and just was not as consistent an album. Matisyahu’s new album is good from the first to the last song.

It starts out with the song Smash Lies which is  a fast song that will be sure to get the crowds going during concerts. The songs have a lyrical depth that reveals the mishmash of ancient and modern that is Matisyahu’s music. He mixes Judaism and life nowadays to make an amazing lyrical experience. This album’s lyrics are much more full of depth than Youth.

This is definitely a five star album in my view. I haven’t stopped listening to Light since I got it. I advise you get it and bask in it’s awesomeness.

One Response to “Light”
  1. Cassandra Anne ♥ says:

    I remember you texxting me when you got that album :]

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