Webcomics Wednesday: Copper

So begins Webcomics Wednesday. This is a part of my blog where I hope to get the word out on my favorite webcomics and to discuss them. So here we go.

The first webcomic we will be discussing is Copper, here is the website Copper, which is written and drawn by Kazu Kibuishi who has also written Amulet and Flight. Copper has been going on since April 2002 and all of them are in color except for the very first edition. They are a single panel comic and each comic is done independent of each other. Their are recurring characters. The two main characters found in every comic are Copper who is a boy and his dog named Fred.  There are four other recurring characters; amber glasses girl, girl in pink bubble, and the red haired girl and her dog.

The comic explores many themes such as love, technology, the environment, beauty and our response to it, nature, loss, and loneliness. One of the recurring things is the girl in the pink bubble. She is seen but is always just out of reach. Copper loves her and is always seeking after her but can never quite reach her. Copper is in love with somebody that he can never be with. It is a heartbreaking tale that reminds me of my own life. Each part of that panel is filled with such heartbreak yet such hope. It’s an amazing juxtaposition of feelings. Their is also the paper throwing amber glasses girl who is always throwing paper at Copper and then running away. She is so shy of Copper and it is funny and interesting at the same time.

The art in Copper is amazing. Kazu is such an amazing artists and Copper is one of the most beautifully drawn webcomics on the internet. The colors are very good and some of the comics are just jaw dropping.  Kazu has a very distinct style and his imagination runs wild with all the places he is sending his characters. Some of the environments are simply amazing in their creativity and art style.

My favorite of all the comics is Transit. This one is amazing not because of its art but because of the irony and love in it. It is amazingly well written and thought out and I love it. It is heartbreaking and yet hopeful at the same time, a perfect Copper comic.

So ends the first Webcomic Wednesday. You guys really need to check out Copper because it is simply amazing and that is reason enough. Click here for Copper.

With Love,

Caleb Jordan

One Response to “Webcomics Wednesday: Copper”
  1. Wonderfully talented artist. There is much depth of thought in the characters.

    Thank you so much for sharing this site. I look forward to next Wednesday!

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