I was standing in church today and we were having communion. Right after we had communion the band started playing the song Hosanna. It was amazing because at that moment I realized that the same people who sang Hosanna to Jesus on his entrance into the city where the same people who would later yell … Continue reading

Blue Period, The Hollow Men, and Andrew Bird

Sometimes when I look at a painting, hear a song, or read a poem it grabs a hold of me and doesn’t let go. It’s like I’ve hit an emotional, sensory, and spiritual focal point. I don’t want to go anywhere else and I never want that moment to end.  Things seem to come into … Continue reading

Webcomics Wednesday: Copper

So begins Webcomics Wednesday. This is a part of my blog where I hope to get the word out on my favorite webcomics and to discuss them. So here we go. The first webcomic we will be discussing is Copper, here is the website Copper, which is written and drawn by Kazu Kibuishi who has … Continue reading

Epic Failure

Sometimes I am so epic fail that it keeps me up at night. My failure seems to haunt me like a ghost. I look at it in the mirror, it towers over my bed while I am tossing and turning, it creeks the stairs when I walk up them, and shadows my eyes when I … Continue reading