Psalm and Contemplation

It seems like the better things are the more I forget about God. I can’t focus on him because I’m blinded by the sunlight, beaches, swimsuits, video games, and a whole bunch of other good things. Writer’s block has attacked me but I am most afraid of reader’s block. His Word is calling to me but I just don’t read it, He is calling me and wants me to jump into his arms but I just seem to turn my back. That makes no sense at all! Why do I just keep going back to those things that hurt and destroy me? My body is weak and breaks against the waves and is swept out into a sea of sin and destruction. I don’t try and I lose and I do try and I lose. This cycle just goes on and on and I have wept and prayed and struggled and taken a step forward and two steps back. I see the world and I see Jesus and I don’t want to be part of the world because I know where that leads.

I don’t want to be a lukewarm or cold christian, so I am going to keep on striving. I know I am going to fail but I will never give up fully. God has called me to something more than this world has to offer and I am not going to give in to the world just because that is the easy thing to do. So many people have given up because it is hard and I seem to give up on everything once it gets too hard. So many things in my life have I left half finished because I just gave up. So many times have I been lazy and stupid.

God take me and fill me up with your goodness because there is nothing good in me. You are stronger than the nations. You created the earth. You rule and have dominion over all. Satan shakes in his boots at your coming.

God, God, God holy is Your name

Great is your fame

All the nations will bow down

You are the King, You wear the crown

So many of us mock your name

We, us, ourselves, are to blame

For the troubles in this world

The angels are Your herald

For change to come to this land

You stretch out your mighty hand

Grace upon us, yes, Blood cleanses us

From all the cuts, bruises, infections, and pus

Of sin. The thing You hate most

The thing that was stopped at the greatest cost

O Death, where is your victory? Where is your sting?

God has come! What do we have to fear? Nothing!

God you are holy, mighty, stronger than any nation

You don’t need an introduction

Nature screams your greatness

The cross screams your faifthfulness

I am not perfect but you make me good

You invite me to Your table to eat your food

I am nothing but a beggar, a ragamuffin

But you invite me through the gates into Heaven

God, God, God

3 Responses to “Psalm and Contemplation”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    Wow God seems to be getting ready to do something great with you.

    Did you mean to ask God to “feel” you up?

  2. capedconstablecaleb says:

    Oops I’ll get that fixed real quick haha

  3. Rose says:

    The psalms are really something aren’t they..

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