Poem (or otherwise known as the most creatively titled piece ever)

Melancholy feelings of dark green and blue, And blank faces staring at a tempestuous sky That lends the air a Cimmerian hue. Such and such waving goodbye To the road and all it’s inhabitants. The heart is a  tricky place Full to the brim with mood and meaning Which, the effect of, can be seen … Continue reading

The Argument against Arguing (also known as the epitome of irony)

Why, as Christians, are we so apt to go and lay down theology and our beliefs on people instead of loving them. Our greatest commandment is to love  God with all our hearts, souls, and minds and the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves. We should love before we judge, heck … Continue reading

God’s Gifts

We live in a broken world where the innocent are bashed upon the rocks and the church just sits there and watches it. Children starving but we are the spoiled brats who throw a fit if we don’t have air conditioning. We take most everything for granted, even our innocence. With innocence it seems that … Continue reading

Psalm and Contemplation

It seems like the better things are the more I forget about God. I can’t focus on him because I’m blinded by the sunlight, beaches, swimsuits, video games, and a whole bunch of other good things. Writer’s block has attacked me but I am most afraid of reader’s block. His Word is calling to me … Continue reading

Music Addiction

I have a music addiction. This is a common occurance amongst people as music tends to speak and show us what is good, bad, indifferent, simple, complex, etc. about life. So basically here is what I am listening to right now (in order of favorite (right now)and so on) 1. Calibretto 13- acoustic punk band/awesome … Continue reading