The Loving Church (What the American church by and large is not)

We need to be a loving church. Jesus called us to love God and love people but we in the church can’t do that for some reason. Take homosexuality as one example. We have condemned and judged those who are homosexuals when Jesus called us to love, care for, and respect them. I myself believe that homosexuality is a sin but so is lying, stealing, thinking lustful thoughts, hating, complaining, etc. Why is homosexuality the deal breaker. It’s as if the church looks at one man who is lies, cheats on his wife, and hates the guy sitting next to him in church and says he is okay but the instant someone deals with homosexuality or anything like that they are a freak and should be ostracized. That is absolutely wrong!

We are called to show love. Sadly, for most people the last place they want to go when they have problems or are different is the church because the first thing we do is judge and condemn. Wake up church! Jesus loved the tax collector, prostitute, zealot (a.k.a. murderer), thief, leper, blind man, you, me, everybody! Jesus healed people because he loved. Jesus fed people because he loved. He loved even his betrayer, Judas. Why can’t we love our brother who is down on his luck and lives in the street, or the sister who is addicted to meth, or the homosexual couple? Jesus met people where they were at, loved them, and said go and sin no more. The church should be a safe haven for those who have been rejected. Please, church, get off your high horse of moral superiority and humble yourselves before the God who loves and cares for all. We need to be a loving church.

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