Impossible Love

A couple days ago while I was mowing the lawn I was thinking about the ten commandments. I know that is pretty weird to be thinking about the ten commandments whilst mowing the lawn but that is how my brain goes.

When most people look at the ten commandments they think of how impossible such things are to keep and how God is just being unfair in putting them there, kinda like he expects us to fail. I think the opposite when I see the ten commandments. You see these commands are not that complex or hard, they are the basics. Don’t murder, don’t envy, don’t take another man’s wife, no other gods before Me, etc. These things are not the impossible but the bare minimum that God gave us to live a godly life. We can’t even keep these! God gave us free choice, a simple choice to follow or not, and we managed to screw that up royally. So in turn God kept on loving us and sent His Son to die for us and still we take that for granted! Yet God still loves us with and impossible love! We sin, take His name in vain, profane the sacrifice of His Son and yet He still loves us with an impossible amount of love and showers us with grace and mercy. The rapper Lecrae puts it very eloquently when he talks about sin, “Sin is the rape of His mercy.” The rape of His mercy! Yet he still loves us.

The impossibility of God and his love, grace, mercy, and goodness is why I am a Christian. God changes hearts, minds, and souls and He can do the impossible. He loves me and gives me grace even though I commit the rape of His mercy. Impossible love made possible by God through His Son! Have a blessed day.

2 Responses to “Impossible Love”
  1. akaBagucci says:

    You know.. The beauty of the Ten Commandments is that they make sense! Even if God didn’t exist (which He does), they would make the world an infinitely better place!

  2. Daniel Davisio says:

    Thanks… Again.

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