David Crowder Band=Awesomesauce in Band Form

The new David Crowder Band cd is coming out on September 22 of this year and I am pumped (WOOHOO!!!) and excited. Also they are coming to Tulsa on Halloween to the Cain’s which is amazing (WOOHOO!!!!) and awesome. In the spirit of that I have decided to name my top ten favorite David Crowder Band songs. I think I have right to do this because I own all their cd’s and I am one of their biggest fans.

10.  “How Great” from the album Illuminate. The lyrical content of this song is amazing from its beginnings with “I’m so bored of little gods” to the end with a “glorious day”. A wonderfully original song that packs a punch with every listen.

9.  “Can You Feel It” from the album Remedy. This alt-rock dance song has it all. A sweet beat, amazing lyrics, and an emotional punch. When you listen to this song with a bunch of people you really start to “feel it”.

8. “Our Love is Loud” from the album Can You Hear Us? This song is a great worship song that is brimming with, imagine this, love. “We lift our voices louder still” with this song to God who we love.

7. “Feliz Navidad” a single that came out around Christmas of 2008. I just really love their cover of this song. Whenever it was Christmas and this came out it was all I wanted to listen to. It is brimming with energy and when I downloaded it from Itunes I also accidentally downloaded the “Everything Glorious” single even though I already owned the album. It’s okay though because I love this band!

6. “Intoxicating” from the album Illuminate. This song is lyrically and musically amazing! The lyrics are very interesting and the song falls into an awesome intstrumental about three minutes into the song. It is one of their musically most vibrant songs.

5. “Come and Listen” from the album A Collision or (3+4=7). This song is just beautiful. You sit and listen and it just gets you in a mood to look for God and worship him in everything.

4. “Wholly Yours” from the album A Collision or (3+4=7). Full of contradictions and also full of the wonder of God, this is truly and amazing song. The chorus is wonderful, talking about how we can only be holy if we are wholly in God. Amazing!

3. “You Are My Joy” from the album Remedy Club Tour. I chose the live version of this song because it is so amazing with the crowd and you feel right there with them in it. This song swells (haha) with joy and is wonderfully uplifting.

2. “I Saw the Light” from the album A Collision or (3+4=7). This is an amazing bluegrass song that was originally done by Hank Williams Sr. This song has an amazing ending and is a wonderful dancing around song for everybody to enjoy.

1. “A Beautiful Collision” from the album A Collision or (3+4=7). This is their best song lyrically, thematically, and musically. It has spoken to me and changed my walk with God. “Here it comes a beautiful collision”

Those are my top ten David Crowder Band songs. I know that I left of some good ones (Here is our King, Foreverandever etc., O Praise Him, No One Like You) but those were my favorites and the ones that have meant the most to me in my life. I have to admit that my favorite albums of theirs are A Collision, B Collision, and Sunsets and Sushi. Complain in the comments if you have any (WOOHOO!!!!) and have a God blessed day.

One Response to “David Crowder Band=Awesomesauce in Band Form”
  1. Candace says:

    You’re still my favorite even if you didn’t put “undignified” or “no one like You”.

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