Sacrifice of talent up to God

I’ve decided to stop messing around and really put my talents to the test. I’ve had many ideas and have not followed through on any of them. I am going to write a book. Or more accurately God is going to write a book and I am going to be the pen (kinda like Keith … Continue reading

A Prayer

Dear Lord, You are blessed and beautiful. Only You can change hearts and minds. Only You hold the universe in your hands. Only You are perfect. God, Lord, Jesus, Savior you are waiting for us to be broken by the cries of the lost crying out in the desert. The lost are thirsty for You. … Continue reading

The Loving Church (What the American church by and large is not)

We need to be a loving church. Jesus called us to love God and love people but we in the church can’t do that for some reason. Take homosexuality as one example. We have condemned and judged those who are homosexuals when Jesus called us to love, care for, and respect them. I myself believe … Continue reading

The Man Without Fear

I love comic books. They are very enjoyable and one day I hope to write some for Marvel or DC. That’ s really a backseat dream though. One of my favorite comic book characters is Daredevil. The second blind Daredevil who was created by Stan Lee and made famous mostly by Frank Miller, who wrote … Continue reading

Impossible Love

A couple days ago while I was mowing the lawn I was thinking about the ten commandments. I know that is pretty weird to be thinking about the ten commandments whilst mowing the lawn but that is how my brain goes. When most people look at the ten commandments they think of how impossible such … Continue reading