The Epic Knight Poem

With sword in hand on I go

Riding on my trusty steed.

My banner, high above, is swaying to and fro

Tells the tales of all my brave deeds.

How I faced the giants of despair

And trod across the dread mire.

About how I snuck into the dragons lair

And and faced its deadly fire.

There are also times, I am ashamed to tell,

That I ran and hid.

Times in battle when I fell

And stood not like a man, but ran like a scared kid.

This final battle is one that shakes the earth were I stand.

I will not make it out of this one

Into the battle, Death and I go hand and hand.

I say to my squire,

“Tell my brave deeds to my children

When they finally inquire.

And begin with my misdeeds

For I am a flawed man

But tell them of my final battle

And in the end how I ran

Into the fight and slaughtered my enemies like cattle.”

But on that battlefield I did fall;

I fought valiant, brave, and true.

Heading my Lord’s call

I head off towards the open blue

Of the skies.

Heaven is where I am destined.

The place of no hurt, no pain, no lies.

Where I am not longer tested.

I am free.

One Response to “The Epic Knight Poem”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    That was so freakin sweet!!! It reminds me of dragon force.

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