As worries wash over me…

I had a fleeting moment of intense worry about ten minutes ago. For a second or two my worries  washed over me and everything seemed hopeless. Mostly about my family and what could happen. Could.

I went into the bathroom and put my face stuff on and then it hit me to pray to my God.

Jesus take my worries, my anxieties, my focus on self and tear them down. Let me put my full trust in you, Lord Jesus. You are my rock and my salvation and no matter what happens in this world You are constant and never changing in Your love and grace. God you have given me breath to give my life back to You. All the worries in the world will gain me nothing. I have everything to gain by giving it to you Jesus.

That is my prayer. My hope is not in doctors to stop the swine flu, the military to stop terrorists, or scholorships to pay for my college. My hope is in the one who rules over all, created all, and keeps it all in His steady hands, my Lord Jesus Christ. Let your hope be in Him and peace will reign in your life, a peace surpassing understanding as the Bible says.

2 Responses to “As worries wash over me…”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    Man… Every time. God is speaking to me through you in mighty ways.

  2. Hi.. First time here.. Off the related post links on WordPress.. Nice stuff you have on here man.. Will def come back for more! Rgds..

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