Hello Nonexistant Readers…

How are you doing? Fine I hope.

I have not posted for a while, not that it changed anything in anybodies lives or days.

In fact what most of us do has no bearing in the cosmic sense. The universe will keep on going where it is going whether we are live or dead or whether I post or not.

Why do we put so much stock in ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts, our, our, our. All we care about is us and we don’t realize that bigger things are going on. People are living and dying all around us. We are all breathing to death.  We as Christians need to realize that the only actions that really matter are God actions. When we are focused on God and doing what God wants us to do then then our actions matter but everything else does not. I am not saying that those things are bad but that we cannot lose sight of God’s plans for us in the mess of consumerism and shallow vanity of money. God desires for us the best and the best for us is what God wants. Sounds easy but we need to live our lives as if we have no time left and then all that matters is God. There is no formula for getting there you just have to trust God.

In Loving Prayer,


One Response to “Hello Nonexistant Readers…”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    Wow… You are good at writing. I had no idea that you could do that. You have no idea how much this blog helps me. Thanks.

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