Dreamscape…Dream Escape…Imagination

Funny words.

All words are funny when you’re tired. Sleep pressing in on your eyes. Blackness in the corner threatening to break in and send you reeling into dream world. Dream world is wonderfull, horrible, and tricky. It is fun when you are having good dreams with roller coasters or dance sequences. Scary when you have wolves or murder.

The worst kind of dreams are those that you really enjoy and you wake up and remember the dream for about five seconds, then it goes away. It flees away into the night/morning and you never see it again. Those type of things bother me and make me angry. I stand in the shower and wonder about that dream for what seems like hours. The dream never ever ever comes back. My dreams hate me, I think.

Dreams provide inspiration for me. They are some of my favorite things, good dreams. Seems like some people live in dreams. I guess I live in dreams, for better or for worse. Places were anything is possible, of course, that is not a dream. Or maybe it is.

Whimsical is the human mind and the subconcious secretly guides our desires. Hmmmm.


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