Jim and Casper

Jim and Casper go to church is a cool new book I am reading. It is about an atheist and a Christian who go to church’s and rate them. They go to many a big name church and several smaller ones to check them out. It is really interesting to see the atheists thoughts on … Continue reading

Dreamscape…Dream Escape…Imagination

Funny words. All words are funny when you’re tired. Sleep pressing in on your eyes. Blackness in the corner threatening to break in and send you reeling into dream world. Dream world is wonderfull, horrible, and tricky. It is fun when you are having good dreams with roller coasters or dance sequences. Scary when you … Continue reading

A Christians Apology

I’m sorry. As a Christian I have failed too many times to count. I am sorry for not being kind, giving, loving, caring, humble, and cheerful. I am sorry for being hypocritcal, stupid, malicious, prideful, lustful, and a lier. I have done so much wrong. The Church has done so much wrong and I also … Continue reading

Theif in the Night (…or more accurately, Be Awake)

The Day of the Lord 1 About the times and the seasons:  brothers, you do not need anything to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord  will come just like a thief  in the night. 3 When they say, “Peace and security,” then sudden destruction  … Continue reading

In the Light

Objects that we see can be placed in two categories: 1 Luminous Objects (i.e. the sun, stars) Objects which generate their own light 2 Illuminated Objects (i.e. moon, planets, humans) Object which are only capable of reflecting light We humans are illuminated objects and we cannot create light. As Christians this is very true. We … Continue reading