Ghosting: New Extreme Sport

I follow in right behind the person. My pulse is slammin into my ears like a tidal wave against the beach. I just need to stay behind them long enough to get the record. At ten seconds my palms start to sweat. I can’t take it any more, at any moment she could look back and it would all be over. I’m starting to go insane, I can’t take it! At fifteen seconds the feeling is almost unbearable. At seventeen seconds she gives a glance back. I am caught, it’s over, I’m done for. Then she turns around and looks back upfront. Twenty seconds, this has to be a personal record for me. This woman is totally oblivious to her outside surroundings. She begins to text on her fancy Iphone at twenty five seconds and stops at thirty seconds. I think the world record is mine. Then she turns around at thirty three seconds. The confrontation is very ackward and tense. She calls me a freak and I just stand there and then she walks off and calls me a freak and I just stand there. Now everybody at my school thinks I am very weird. That is what I get for ghosting people I will see every day.

One Response to “Ghosting: New Extreme Sport”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    Tried it. 12 seconds.

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