Secularism is Un-P.C.

As Christians we need to stand by our faith through thick and thin and as in 1 Peter 3:15 (15 but set apart the Messiah  as Lord in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason  for the hope that is in you.) we need to learn to defend our faith. Paul was the first to come to the defense of the faith and we have been passed the baton and it is our time to stand up and declare the truth of the faith.

Secularism insists that we keep our Christian beliefs outside of the political, social, and educational realms. I believe that is very wrong and inconsistant with its (secularism) political correctness. Secularism is wrong with its insistance on keeping our Christian beliefs outside of the political, social, and educational realms because it demands we, as Christians, take out an intergral part of who we are to come to an “intelligent” conversation, debate, etc. We as Christians believe in the Bible and make its words part of our lives. They say that the Bible is not right and that we take faith in baseless beliefs that cannot be proven. They also take beliefs that cannot be proven into whatever they are doing. You cannot prove that God does not exist, that evolution/big bang happened, or that gay marriage is morally viable. It is un-p.c. to say that Christianity is wrong and most of the time secualrism tries to be politically correct. Secularism claims to be all inclusive but excludes those who have a belief in the Christian God. Double standard? New “morals’ have risen up that are based upon nothing but have more viability than anything else. It seems like our society is just guessing at stuff and then basing their life after it. Hmmm…

3 Responses to “Secularism is Un-P.C.”
  1. Believe what you want, just leave us the hell alone, or else some may start fighting back with violence instead of a “No on PROP 8” campaign.

    I would NEVER condone violence, but others may want to start poisoning your Sunday coffee or vandalizing your churches if they continue crossing the live over into CIVIL LAW. We can only take so much.

  2. mango says:

    You’re a mouth breathing douche.

    The next time I have an intelligent conversation with a christian will be the first time.

  3. capedconstablecaleb says:

    Ok, that was uncalled for.

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