I’m Tired

I’m tired.

I’m tired of failing, flailing, wondering, sometimes I am even tired of caring.

Every day I wake up and say “God today is your day. Every thing I do today will honor and glorify you. Then my dad yells at me when I take to long to get to the car and I have a bad thought. Then a girl in my class wears something too revealing and poof! Another bad thought. Then just to stack more stuff on top I say something that I did not mean      to one of my friends and hurt their feelings. Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut? Or maybe why can’t I open it? I keep quiet when people ask questions about faith but I can’t keep my mouth shut when I might say something mean.

What is the problem with the world today? I am.

You might think that a little harsh huh? Well sometimes the truth is harsh. I am messed up.

Then I think about King David; the arrogant, handsome, lustful, brave, cowardly, honorable, lying, truthful, bad father, apple of God’s eye. David made mistakes, a lot of mistakes, but he honostly chased after God and God forgave him. God forgive me. Sometimes I want to give up on doing the right thing, on trying to live for God. Then I realize I should give up. Letting God be the King over all of my life is the only way I can live for Him. If I am to live for God then I will have to give up trying and just hand myself over to him. God take me, mold me, change me for you are the only one that can and you have chosen me to be one of your beloved children. Jesus take me and make me wholly in your holy self.

2 Responses to “I’m Tired”
  1. Mike Lehew says:

    Good word constable! Thanks for the challenge and the encouragement!

  2. Daniel Davisio says:

    I don’t think you will ever know how much this helped me. Thanks.

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