The Cross and Car Crashes

I gaze up and my gaze goes to a cross. I look around at everybody in the auditorium with me. Do they realize the cost of the cross. Do they realize what Jesus did? Do I realize what Jesus did?

I’ve been thinking about death. My friend died in a car crash over the summer and I was looking at a thing she had wrote on a wooden poduim. It said she was here. She put down that she was here not knowing months later that she would not be here. My other friend was at the scene of a car crash in which a man flew out of the front of his car and died on the ground about an hour later. I wonder if anyone misses him?

We were not meant to die in car crashes. Whenever I hear of deaths like that it weirds me out. It does not seem natural to me.

We live in a broken world that we broke with our wrong actions and continually make worse as we go along. The Bible talks in Genesis about how we sinned at the beginning and everything went to crap from there. There is a way out though… and as I looked at the cross I realized how amazing grace really is. Jesus came, lived a perfect life, and then died a horrible death seperated from God. The fact that God himself (since Jesus is part of God) came down here and paid the price for us just amazes me. He paid the price with his blood for my mistakes (which are many)! The God of the Bible is not some heathen god who demands blood from us. He is a loving God who paid our price! Amazing!

Then I thought about grace. Oh grace! Grace so great it is overwhelming. I thought about how much we whine when we, as Christians, have to go out of our way to do something for God and how lightly we take it. In the face of the overwhelming grace of God the least I can do is anything He says. In fact, what He says is what I want to do! I want to follow God with all my heart because he has saved me, freed me, loved me, cared for me, clothed me, whispered to me, and cleaned me. His grace is upon me and all I can do is what he says, that is all I want to do! My life is now something so cosmically important yet cosmically unimportant in a sense that Jesus died for me and yet I would give my life for Him.

The cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ enables us to once again live the life we were meant to live. In the face of suffering we can prevail, in the face of danger we can show no fear, and in the face of sin we can win but only if we stand, walk, eat, drink, and live in the grace of God.

Living in the grace of God puts human suffering in its place. Pain is part of life and part of growing. Sometimes we  have to work stuff out the hard way and I know in my life that I would not give up the hard things that made me who I am for anything. Without struggle to become a better person (and most of the time the struggle could have been alleviated by me doing the right thing…) I would not be the Christian I am today. I know that I can endure anything that this world throws at me because it will  all be made right in the end.

C.S. Lewis, on pg. 64 of The Great Divorce, says “They say of some temporal suffering, ‘No future bliss can make up for it,’ not knowing that Heaven, once attained, will work backwords and turn even that agony into a glory.”

The cross allows us, as Christians, to endure and endure with joy we can because of the saving grace of Christ.

One Response to “The Cross and Car Crashes”
  1. Mike Lehew says:

    Vaporized–here one moment, gone the next. We’ve become a society that thinks we are invincible without thinking of our eternity.

    How have we made the grace of God so complex?


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