Bob Finds Happiness (and their is a twist at the end of this one)

Everyone Bob rooted for always lost. He rooted for Oklahoma to win a bowl game, Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl, and the Pittsburgh Pirates to make it too the playoffs. None of this ever happened though, so Bob felt sad.

Bob decided to go to the ice cream parlor. While in line to get some peppermint ice cream (the best!) he met a turtle named Daniel. This turtle was really cool. He was not actually that slow and he loved peppermint ice cream also. Bob and the turtle named Daniel became roommates. They had a wonderful time together being roommates. They stayed up late watching action movies, after they got home from work they played Scrabble, and they could both cook quite well so they were never out of nice food. Daniel had many friends and he always invited them over to hang out with him and Bob. Bob became very popular and had more friends than he had had (two hads in a row) in a long time.

Daniel the turtle introduced Bob to a girl named Bonnie. She thought Bob was very funny and the two hit it off quite well. After a couple dinner dates they became an official couple. What a glorious day!!! This was Bob’s first girlfriend ever. Bob decided to get some fancy new clothes to replace his plaid pants and bright red button up shirt he always wore. Bob went to a clothing store and bought a bunch of suits and a nice watch. Now Bob dressed like a millionair everyday.

One day Daniel and Bob were out gardening in the backyard. Daniel decided to go inside and take a nap because he was not feeling well. Daniel went inside the house and spontaneously combusted (yikes!) and the house caught on fire. Bob ran inside to save Daniel but all he found was a burned turtle shell. Bob grabbed his suits and got out of his house. It burned to the ground.

Bob was really sad at the death of Daniel the turtle… but it gave him much peace that he was up in heaven with Jesus. Bob realized he had to go on with his life and one day he would see Daniel again. Little did he know it would be very very very (yay dedundancy!) soon. Bum Bum BUM!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Bob Finds Happiness (and their is a twist at the end of this one)”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    I like this Daniel character. I think I can relate to him. You know, with all the babe hookups and everything.

  2. Cassandra Anne ♥ says:

    It’s so cool!

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