Freedman dance…

Walking slowly up the hill was an average sized man with a nice coat on.

He pushed his way past the picknickers, bumbled past the cloud watchers, stumbled his way past lovebirds to the top of the hill. Standing there for some time he seemed as if a statue. His stare pierced the abyss of sunshine and cloud above him. The sun’s blinding rays were no match for this one man’s determined stare.

The man stuck his hand in the air and began to wave it about as if conducting some ethereal orchestra or feeling the curves of the winds body.

“I’ve done it!” This cry of accomplishment seemed to well from his soul and force it’s way out of his lips to the surprise of everybody on the hill.

One of the lovebirds looked away from his other and asked the man, “You’ve done what?”

“I’ve touched the sky and stood on the ground. I’ve felt the wind caress my hand like a lover. Impossibility ends. The doors of perception have been opened and I see eternity streached out. Ican’t see it all but I know it goes on forever. I follow the road and the end result is impossibility. Beautiful impossibility made possible.”

“You are mad!” Said the lovebird with such intensity the air seemed to be crackling  with it. “Their are no doors, or roads, or eternity. Their is nothing beyond this and that.”

“Freedman dance in jubilation. I see now that I can dance with them. Innocence is mine. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gratefulness, and self control are mine. I come to his arms with childlike wonder and he accepts me with forgiving grace.”

Then the man proceeded to roll down the hill. When he got to the bottom he stood up, suddenly rigid and stern, then let his body relaxed and screamed at the top of his lungs “I have been forgiven and Jesus has saved me. I rejoice in him because he has made me clean.”

The man went on his way gladly and soon died thereafter.

One Response to “Freedman dance…”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    Wow. That is amazing. I think my day just got a little bit better.

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