Bob in Mexico

Bob had a great time in Mexico. He hid in a small village for a while. He got some kind of diseases from the water. He got groped in the subway in Mexico City. Good times.

Bob was relaxing on the beach on day when a crab came up to him. Bob liked the crab so they decided to start a business together. Bob’s Crab Shack.

It did not work out so well for the crab. One of the customers ordered crab… they got crab.

Bob felt bad for killing the crab and serving him up as a delectable side dish to a rather large meal. So he went to a large Cathedral. The place was huge and the art was uplifting. You had to pay to get in so Bob left.

Bob decided to go  back to America. When he got across the border a man kicked him in the face and he woke up in jail. This time their was no money to bail him out because the person who groped him on the subway also stole the rest of his money.

Bob was sad in jail. The people were nice but the food was bad. He went to trial and got put in prison. The people were not as nice in prison and the food was worse.

Bob escaped prison by impersonating Eddie Murphy playing six different people in one movie. The guards (who had loved the Nutty Professor movies, Norbit, and Meet Dave). Bob hated those movies.

One Response to “Bob in Mexico”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    Man this is getting better and better! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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