Bob and PETA

Bob did not know what was happening. Somehow everybody had found out he killed a penguin (named Dave). Bob thought the vengeful zoo probably told everyone.

Bob looked outside his window and saw a bunch of people with signs. The signs said things like Down with Bob and Bob is  a Penguin Killer. The last sign was true, Bob quickly noted.

Bob went outside and the mob rushed him. He got hit in the ear with a brick (his ears were the easiest targets since they were so large).

PETA was the name of the people outside. They were throwing bricks at Bob. Bob decided to throw bricks back. He accidently killed a PETA volunteer named Chad. He was wearing an I heart Penguins t-shirt. This made Bob sad since he had never killed anyone (penguins are not people.)

Bob turned himself into the police who brutalitized him.

Bob sued the police force and won a bunch of money. He used the money to get out on bail and fled to Mexico.

One Response to “Bob and PETA”
  1. Daniel Davisio says:

    I know PETA stands for something

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