Bob in Mexico

Bob had a great time in Mexico. He hid in a small village for a while. He got some kind of diseases from the water. He got groped in the subway in Mexico City. Good times. Bob was relaxing on the beach on day when a crab came up to him. Bob liked the crab … Continue reading

Weekly G.K.: An Introduction to G.K. Chesterton

Bob and PETA

Bob did not know what was happening. Somehow everybody had found out he killed a penguin (named Dave). Bob thought the vengeful zoo probably told everyone. Bob looked outside his window and saw a bunch of people with signs. The signs said things like Down with Bob and Bob isĀ  a Penguin Killer. The last … Continue reading

Bob and the Penguin

Bob was sad. So sad in fact that he decided to treat himself and go to the zoo. He looked at the monkeys. He did not like the monkeys because they ate too many bananas. The elephants were next but Bob did not like them because they could keep themselves cool with their giant ears. … Continue reading