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Walking across the pavement with the wind whipping ┬ámy hair around my face And the contours of the clouds above wrapping the day in peace But my dreams are elsewhere and my head is in a book not noticing My mind is wandering and busy ever producing Thoughts of Goring, Hitler, Dodd, Chamberlain, and the … Continue reading

Dalek: The Best Offense is a Strong Defense

I am currently rewatching my way through Doctor Who and I have noticed one thing in particular, but first I must explain a little about the Dalek. The Dalek are a mutant race that are super ugly and have been bred and made by the evil Davros to have no emotions except for hate for … Continue reading

Humbleness: The Christmas Story

I cannot help but love the Christmas season. There are so many reasons that I should not like the Christmas season: rampant consumerism, the “war” on Christmas, and the selfishness of it. However, it is the story of the birth of Christ that always brings me back to the reality of God’s nature. The story … Continue reading

The Facade of a Poem

As I sit down and breathe I bring myself up to the rivers edge and look over into the swirling of dirt caused by a fish kicking up from the muck. To bring myself away from the pull of gravity I come here and sit without moving for hours on end. The ending of myself … Continue reading

The Church Today

I have been reading┬áThe Well and The Shallows by G.K. Chesterton, which is a book of essays written by him and was published right before he died, and in many of these essays he writes about many of the controversies that faced the Church at the time. Many of the controversies he wrote about are … Continue reading